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    We can’t believe another month has passed us by! Summer is now in full swing and we aren’t taking a vacation from our Friday Smorgasbord, so slather on the sun screen and lets go. Macro photography in the aquarium is nothing new here at Reef Builders, but we do love it when our hobby gets mainstream love. The UK’s Daily Mail recently shared this story about photography from California Institute of the Arts graduate Felix Salazar who used his aquarium for inspiration.

    [via Daily Mail]


    This amazing image is from NightSea on a recent night dive in Bonaire. This *fantastic picture of a sharptail eel catching a fish was captured by*Bart Dahneke on his firstfluorescence photography night dive.

    [via NightSea]

    A krill bloom around Monterey Bay is giving whale watchers a big surprise. Just a few weeks back scores of whales, including an estimated 30 blue whales, were seen in a feeding frenzy. This made us think about all the crazy close encounters with whales and this video shot a few years ago where a surfer and a kayaker get quite the surprise in Santa Cruz, Calif.

    We heard the Australian government just allotted another $50,000 for cuttlefish research, making it a total of $200,000 to study why the country’s population of cuttlefish is dwindling. If you aren’t fascinated with these majestic creatures, you have obviously not spent enough time around Rich Ross or have seen this video.
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