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    With MACNA starting tomorrow, we figured today would be a light day since many of us will be in transit and away from the computer so this is your Friday Smorgasbord one day early. Speaking of MACNA, a recent report in the scientific journal*reAnimated*shows an increasing level of zombie activity that has been observed across America the last few hours. Researchers have noted the zombie activity is heavily focused around the Southwest with the epicenter identified as the Dallas metropolitan area. Be on the lookout for the zombies easily identified with a glazed over look,*incoherent mumbling and telltale salt stains on their clothing. The researchers warn the zombies are attracted to the smell of acrylic and blue light and mutter the word “frags” repeatedly.

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    From zombies to vampires — vampire squids that is.*Dubbed with a*demonic*moniker, the*Vampyroteuthis infernalis*(that translates literally the squid from hell) is *a small, solitary cephalopod that exhibits characteristics of both a squid and an octopi found in deep, warmer waters around 3,000 feet below the surface. Scientists have recently discovered this ‘unholy’ critter not only turns itself inside out to avoid predators but also dines on the marine snow — the debris that falls to the ocean floor. Chowing down on dead organisms and feces of other creatures doesn’t sound to tasty to us but to each their own.

    [via WIRED]

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    Here is an amazing video of a rescue of a 7-foot, 655-pound sea turtle, that was found stranded on a mud flat near Cape Cod, treated and then released back in the wild last weekend. The male leatherback*turtle described similar to “a swimming dinosaur,” was treated by the staff of the New England Aquarium to help stabilize his blood valves and oxygen levels. The crazy statistic is that even at 655 pounds, the turtle is considered underweight as adult turtles can weigh more than 1,000 pounds.

    [via Huffington Post]


    Earlier this year when we heard that Google Maps was taking its highly useful “Street View” to the ocean with mapping of the Great Barrier Reef*we thought it will be a useful way to learn and monitor the ocean. Now, not only is underwater*maps*and views of the*GBR available on Google Maps along with reefs*Hawaii and the Philippines*but the research has also led to the discovery of a pygmy seahorse in the waters off Australia for the first time ever. The uber-small*Denise’s pygmy seahorse*(Hippocampus denise) is just*five-eighths-inch long (1.5*cm) and has previously been found living on coral reefs off Vanuatu,*Palau,*Malaysia,*Solomon Islands,*New Caledonia, and southern Japan. The mapping team found it off*Heron Island*on the Great Barrier Reef at 302 feet (92 meters) deep.

    [via Mother Jones]
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