Friday MADNESS - plants @ R10-00 (potted)

Discussion in 'Pet Stop SA' started by Moolis Moolman, 24 Mar 2016.

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    HI all aquarium hobbyists out there,

    We have a weekly promotion called FRIDAY MADNESS!!!!

    What is this?
    We have a selection of FRESHWATER potted plants that we put on promotion every Friday's.
    and we sell them at ONLY R10-00 each[​IMG][​IMG]

    This week we have over 300 potted plants available.
    BUT we are closed on Friday so ...........
    You can get these plants Today AND Saturday for only R10-00 each


    I do realise that this is freshwater, but a lot of us have freshwater aquariums as well - therefore this post here on MASA :1:


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