Freshwater to Saltwater conversion

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    13 Jul 2016
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    Hey Guys.
    Hope this is not the wrong forum
    But I have a Jebo R338 that has been running with fresh water fish in it, very basic setup
    And I have read that you can change the tank into a saltwater aquarium.
    My question is:
    What do I need to get that is extra in order to run a SW tank
    the tank currently has the basic filter system with ceramic beads, and filter moss.
    2 lights and an 100w heater.

    I would like to make a little live rock reef, with some clown fish

    any advise would be appreciated
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    Hello and welcome @Shark

    Sometimes its just easier to buy a secondhand marine tank, with overflow, and sump included. Than to drill and convert a tank to have an overflow.

    But it can be done if you want to.
    You need to drill a hole and fit an overflow. The design depends on what you want. Corner box overflow is simple, although waste space. Skinny saves space but can be noisy without controlling ballvalve.

    Sump to house skimmer, heaters, filtration option of your choice, and return.

    The 2 lights most likely will be underpowered for a full on reef. Maybe softies but no light demanding corals. Another hood or maybe no hood at all with better lights suspended above the tank will be better
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