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    Amazonas Magazine, the sister publication to the widely circulated CORAL magazine, will soon be made in English to compliment its German beginnings. CORAL magazine which is already published in several languages has been a great source of marine and aquarium news for a decade and after seven years of being printed only in German, Amazonas will soon be read in English.

    Where CORAL magazine has been pushing the state of the art for saltwater aquariums, Amazonas will be doing the same for freshwater animals, plants, aquascaping, science and new species. The first three issues of Amazonas Magazine*will be on plecos, bee shrimp and freshwater plants and as an avid aquascaper and proud owner of a 15 year old blue eye pleco we definitely look forward to seeing that first issue of Amazonas. The first issue of Amazonas*Magazine is dropping*this*december so if you have a freshwater bone in your body, be sure to check out all the launching promotions on the Amazonas website .
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