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8 May 2007
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The invasive lionfish is making its way to the West Coast. But not in the waters off the coast of California like we are seeing in the Atlantic, but at the seafood counter at Whole Foods. We came across a story today that in the next six months, Whole Foods will start selling lionfish in itsWest Coast locations.

We have been following the news about the invasive lionfish along the Atlantic coast for quite a while and followed lionfish spearfishing derbies and have often heard this fish makes for good eating. With no natural predators, the lionfish are growing in population and have even turned to eating each other when their other food choices dwindle.

According to the story, Whole Foods chooses the seafood they carry based on sustainability ratings, so you can feel better about yourself despite paying too much for your food. Since the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch lists lionfish as a “Best Choice”, they have a long time to go before we run out of these tasty fish.

Thankfully, the fish will most likely come cleaned, but in case you were curious in how to get rid of those poisonous barbs before you deep fry them, check out this video:

[via Grub Street]
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