Freight needed from Cape Town to Durban

6 Nov 2013
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Hi i need someone reliable to move a tank stand and sump from Cape Town to Durban at the end of November. Can any suggest anyone good that wont hurt my pocket and break the tank?
Size of the tank?
Glass thickness?
1.8m long by 1m wide by 70cm high in 12mm glass. And a standthe same but 90cm high
Something like this will be very costly to transport.
The volume it takes up and the weight counts against it.
Just to give you an example, I sent a off-road bike from Cape Town up to JHB a few weeks ago, that was R2100 on economy
I reckon it will be cheaper to go and fetch it yourself on a double axle trailer.

Phone trailer rental companies. some times, if you are not on a tight schedule, they need to move a trailer from one town to another, And they will ask you basically just the one way trip. Maybe you are in luck.
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