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    As scholars of aquarium history, we were thrilled to discover that a free ebook is available highlighting the roots of marine aquariums, and the development of synthetic sea salts in particular. The Story of Aquarium Systems produced by the European arm of the famous aquarium company tells the beginning of the modern marine aquarium hobby with the release of Instant Ocean.

    At the time there was nothing like it, and Instant Ocean allowed marine aquariums to be kept far from the sea by marine scientists, aquaculture and especially the newly fledged marine aquarists. Although it is an ebook, the Story of Aquarium Systems is not at all a static text, with oodles of diagrams and videos, enough to make an otherwise dry subject matter much more engaging and stimulating.

    The Story of Aquarium Systems may be a promotional “book” with 40 pages of favorable writing but the ebook is far from a marketing puff piece. The document thoroughly catalogs the chemistry and elements required to produce the godfather of commercial aquarium salt mixes. Whether you’re into it for the story, the history or the technical details, take a look at the free ebook about Instant Ocean available now in the iTunes store.** instant-ocean-ebook.jpg
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