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    Frameless fish tanks are increasing in popularity as evidenced by the venerable Twenty Gallon ‘High’ 20H getting the rimless/frameless treatment. In PetSmart to boot! Back in our day, when we wanted to get an aquarium it was standard-issue to have a black frame or worse, one with faux wood trim printed on. In no time at all some amount of salt creep or mineral stain builds up to ruin that new-tank look and feel, especially with hard water african cichlids.

    Rimless and frameless tanks have been growing in popularity in the aquarium hobby, fish tanks in a range of sizes have been getting stripped of their bracing for that clean look. But it really took us aback to see a classic aquarium size getting the clean-line treatment, at a chain pet store no less. Like the beautiful frameless cube aquariums this frameless 20H fish tank is made by Marineland.

    For now the frameless 20H aquarium is not going to take over for the ones we have laying around as they are a little more expensive than the plastic-framed counterparts. At the moment the Frameless 20H is only sold as a set with at minimum a Marineland LED strip light for $149 or with the stand for $239. But for now the*march of the frameless fish tanks won’t be over until you can pick up a bare 20H, ten gallon or even a five gallon fish tank for a similar price as the standard ‘framed’ aquariums.

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