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7 May 2007
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Hi guys I am busy setting up a 1.2 meter tank and thinking of using it as a coral farm to grow coral frags for my soon to get display tank. Do anyone know where I could get frags in cape town?? I am thinking of keeping softies as I hear its the easiest to keep for biginners. Setup as follows

1.2m with sump 4 chambers
Currently their is a jebo skimmer (dont worry gonna replace that with Ts1 Seems everyone agrees that this is a good skimmer to get for value $$$$.
1 chamber will be the skimmer
2 chamber will be macro algae
3 chamber thnking of using as refugium with live sand( or if you have other suggestions let me know
4 return pump

T5 lighting 4 whites 2 actinics will be adding more later down the line hopefully MH

Other equipment I will be getting again still twisting wifeys arm, but I want to get calcium and phosphate reactor.

what do u guys think?


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29 May 2007
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Cape Town
Hi Timmyus - I think it is a VERY good idea for a frag farm. If more people did this, and cheaply sold, and/or traded frags in the industry, more people would be able to afford corals - AND less corals would be taken from the wild.

Look - I know that one requires decent water parameters to keep corals (or so it is said) - but taking into account that some soft-corals (zoanthids, mushrooms (collarimorphs, etc), leathers, etc) grow better with a SLIGHTLY raised nitrate level, then your setup would be perfect to start off with.... Just ensure that the water has been decently cycled (wait at least 4 weeks before adding lifestock), perhaps add a DSB in both the main tank as well as the sump (this will ensure more than enough food for the corals as well - while getting rid of detritus naturally - by letting the detritus provide food for the micro critters (worms, pods, micro stars, etc).

Your sump sounds good.... I would go with that.... Perhaps someone else would/could advise a better design....

The T5's will be good enough for soft-corals - having 6 T5's over a 4ft (1.2 m) tank should be ample - you could perhaps add 2 more to a maximum of 8 T5's later on - this would be MORE than good enough to keep/grow soft-corals....

Good luck with your venture - and please keep on asking questions - then after quite a few answers, decide for yourself....

In the end, remember, it is your own journey....

You could ask for frag from all over Cape Town if you want, or alternatively I know that some LFS sometimes sells frags (you can buy a frag of a coral, instead of buying an already grown coral).....

Also, perhaps look into our own "Life stock for Sale" forum....

PM both Calvin and Irie Ivan - ask them if they might have stock (Calvin is close to PMB in Kwazulu Natal's Midlands, Ivan is in Cape Town.....)

Cheers mate.
8 May 2007
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timmyif you dont come right please pm me
7 May 2007
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Thanks guys for all your help. LOVE MASA. Midasblenny I am in Ottery. My tank is not up and running yet I am gonna get water today to fill it and setup everything. I might be getting red sea prizm pro skimmer today so that is a bit of a plus compared to the jebo I was gonna use. Jacquesb thatnks for the advice and imput I think I will add 2 more T5's. Once I am set and cycled Midasblenny I will PM you for some frags.

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