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    The Frag Tree 360 by Thrive Aquatics is a unique and efficient way to store and display your coral frags.*Building on*the*design concept of the Thrive Aquatics Coral Frag plug Tree, the The Frag Tree 360 holds up to 27 frag plugs in a tiered tree approach that has an 8×8 in. footprint and measures in at 8 1/2 in. tall, making it a pretty tight package for even the smallest of frag tanks.

    Since each arm of the Frag Tree 360 is independently attached to the center post, you can adjust it to*accommodate*a variety of configurations so no two Frag Tree 360 have to look alike. The arms and base is laser cut from ABS plastic and is designed to allow ample water flow over and between the plugs all the while giving your little fraglings enough light.

    The Frag Tree 360 is definitely a welcome change from a flat “egg crate” rack giving your frags a cleaner and unique look. As the company suggests, these would be a great way to show off frags in a store or at a tradeshow or other event. No word on pricing or*availability*yet but we’ll pass it along as soon as we can get it.

    FragTree360_2-150x150.gif FragTree360-150x150.gif Parts-150x150.gif FragTree360_3-150x150.gif
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