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  1. Dean Schreuder

    Dean Schreuder

    1 Jan 2012
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    Hi everyone,
    Im having thoughts of starting a frag tank but unsure about a few things?
    Should I start a main display tank then link this to my Frag tank, I understand the risks of nasties spreading from DT to Frag tank but will save on Skimming costs etc.

    Lighting? Whats the best for Frag growth? I have heard the lower K is better but does not look to good.
    How is LED lighting for growth or would T5 ATI Globes work?

    Lastly whats a good size DT tank size, Sump and Frag tank sizes that would work well together , Don't want to get a Sump that is to small for the operation on hand?

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  3. JamesHunter


    31 Jan 2013
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    I have been running a frag system for 8 months now its linked to my DT and has its own sump with own skimmer I like this idea as everything I frag is out my DT anyway so where would I get “nasties”
    I am using LEDS and getting massive growth I have a 400 deep tank with egg crate shelves and some frags a 20 cms away from the LEDs
    Im growing SPS,LPS,Softies, Zoas all in one system

    I have a 1800x800x700 (l/d/w) DT and the frag is 1500/400/800 sumps 1600/600/600 and 1200/600/600

    Oh i also run 3 skimmers total rating 5000lts
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  4. pkc


    17 Oct 2008
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    One of our guys buys a lot of frags of all types of corals, incuding, multi coloured zoas, morphs, and ricordia and far more, he grows them and frags again from what he gets from Cairns marine and sells them on line.
    His frag tanks of two 6 foot and two 3 foot and are all off the display aquarium as well.
    He runs a skimmer for each,GFH,nitra guard cubes and a multi out let dosing pumps system and auto top up RO for over all the tanks.
    He uses basic 3 watt blue and cool white diodes 80 degree optics and his growth is, you go way for two days and when you come home the growth is really obvious!
    No substrates anywhere.
    Oh and his display has masses of corals and quite a few fish.
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