Frag Tank lighting

1 Jan 2012
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Hi everyone, what light would be best for frags? Good quality T5s or Leds?
what will give the best growth as well as recovery light? I know led is quite sharp..
Depends on the water depth more than the option between LEDS or T5.

Having a shallow frag tank and high powered Leds is a waste of money. After all its a frag tank. I cannot justify running 2 Radion Leds above my frag tank. I got good growth with normal old T5 tubes. First frag tank is only 70mm deep and 2 T5 tubes. Second frag tank is 250mm deep and also 2 T5 tubes. If I had SPS in there I would use my other T5 unit with 4 tubes.

What is the depth of your frag tank? And what type of corals do you want to frag?
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