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    A handful of new species of*Gobiodon*coral gobies have just been described from the Red Sea. The new*Gobiodon species were teased out of coral gobies from the marisrubri although several of the species are also known to occur in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

    Since*Gobiodon*are scale-less and not extremely distinct in some of their colorations, the new*Gobiodon*species were identified primarily based on genetic analysis. A couple of the new species are bland but two of the others including Gobiodon fuscoruber and G. irregularis are actually quite attractive.

    The dark red*Gobiodon fuscoruber*pictured above is one of the standouts of the new coral goby species with a brilliant deep red coloration in life and in preserved images. The other neat one,*Gobiodon irregularis boasts delicate, tessellated blue lines on a brownish body which fade away to reveal a fish that looks mostly red. The new Red Sea Gobiodon species are described by Herler et. al. in the latest issue of ZooTaxa.

    [​IMG]Gobiodon irregularis has a tessellated pattern when young but grows into a mostly red adult

    [​IMG]Gobiodon fuscoruber is a deep red bodied coral goby with a clear edge to the unpaired fins

    [​IMG]An assortment of the new Gobiodon coral gobies described in the Red Sea

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