RSS Fort McMurray aquarist watched live as his house and tank consumed by wildfire

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8 May 2007
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Last week in Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada, a wildfire forced over 90,000 people to evacuate their homes. Thousands scrambled to collect belonging and flee the fire that was overtaking their town and wondered what would be left when they returned.

James O’Reilly and his wife barely had enough time to grab some clothes and jump into a lineup of cars evacuating Fort Mac. While driving away he tuned into an indoor security camera linked to his iPhone with a clear view of their living room and clownfish reef tank.

O’Reilly was in his truck, his wife in a vehicle behind, when sadly he watched as their home of 20 years burned to the ground, losing everything including their reef tank. He’d just driven through six packed lanes of traffic, the air full of so many embers it looked like fire brushing the sides of the camper he was pulling, and he says the adrenaline softened the blow—but now, its starting to settle in. [Metro Edmonton]
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