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    The Ego Compact Semi Submarine may be the ultimate gift for the person that truly has everything. Not quite a fully “submersible” sub and better than a glass bottom boat, the Ego Compact is similar to a pontoon boat with a submerged chamber attached allowing you to get a closer view to the undersea world without getting wet.

    Built by Raonhaje of South Korea, the 12-foot long Ego Compact is a twin seat, battery-operated cruising craft with 20 mm thick acrylic windows to protect you in the viewing chamber hanging underneath. The semi sub lets you motor around for eight hours at cruising speed and four hours at top speed. The Ego will hit a maximum speed of 5 knots (around 5.75 MPH) and is powered by twin, 1.5KW, 48 volt electrical pods that recharge in around 6-10 hours.

    There may be limitations to what the Ego Compact is practical for but for offering a watercraft (albeit most likely REALLY expensive) that allows you to feel a bit like Jacques Cousteau or Captain Nemo that you don’t need specialized training for. So after you win the lottery and you’re looking for a new top to go view the reefs or swim with Great White sharks, you may want to give Raonhaje. The Ego Compact is available in the an SE “standard edition” and LE “limited edition”. The company is not listing prices and with most major luxury items, we are sure the pricetag would make our jaws drop.
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