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    Taken from GLASSBOX DESIGN - Modern Reef Aquarium Blog
    Check here.

    Coral Vue / Octopus is working on two new hang on (HOB) skimmers that utilize their askoll like bubble blaster pump. The larger LX-2000 model shown above features the bubble blaster pump mounted externally. This design does add back pressure to the pump, reducing air intake–but over the past few years HOB skimmers have not necessarily been in need of more air. If this skimmer comes anywhere close to the 85 scfh that the bubble blaster pulls on in-sump models… it may even be too much.
    The smaller LX-1000 Skimmer places the bubble blaster internally. This is most likely a detuned pump for reduced air intake, but we wouldn’t mind seeing a smaller pump model made. Note the significantly smaller neck and CPR style collection cup.
    In both cases we’re curious to see what has been done to the pump and what type of electrical consumption and power factor their seeing.
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