FOLWR (fish only with live rock) tank help needed!!


17 May 2020
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Im going back into the hobby but this time id like to start with no corals. I would like to perfect water quality before even moving onto beginner corals. I am on the lookout for a 200l+ Boyu tank.
i have done my research, so far the only thing that i know will be much different in a folwr tank is the lighting. I heard it does not have to be marine lights with heavy outputs, a regular blue and white light with a day and night time mode for the fish to simulate the environment for the fish in the wild. i still am going to run the basic equipment in the sump of the tank, i might not need to run as big of a skimmer but i will if later on i convert to a reef tank. i also watched a video by Marine Depot on how to set up one. i see they ran a Eheim cannister , but i wont as ill have the sump. But what i did notice was they had a UV h.o.b . I assume the purpose of the uv is to kill of algae and some harmful diseases(well this is my experiece from the koi hobby). My next question would be is where do i even get a h.o.b UV??? I have a UV light built into a filter box with mechanical and biological filtration(brand new), but this was for a koi pond for 6000l... the flow output can be adjusted but id rather buy a new UV for the tank... so any advise for a folwr tank would be much appreciated and a h.o.b UV :swim:
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