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    Fluval is about to get into the salt mix business, that is according to a Hagen rep at an industry tradeshow. Fluval Sea is a new salt mix product shown off at Superzoo, a popular industry show out of hot sunny Las Vegas. The new salt is advertised to mix better than it’s competitors which we assume to be Seachem’s Salinity. The Fluval salt pictured mixes up to 165 US gallons or roughly 625 liters. Fluval is pitching the “3 ions” seen on the label which “is a balanced mix of Calcium, Magnesium and Strontium for single dosing of those three ions.”* We might go out on a limb here and state that Hagen, the parent company of Fluval, is reaching to the beginning reef hobbyists with this new initiative. A trend that we have been seeing a lot of large corporations do recently. We reached out to Hagen to provide additional information. While you wait, check out the additional picture below the break.

    Fluval’s new Salt Mix
    “Raises & maintains optimal level of calcium, magnesium & strontium”
    “Supports coral growth & naturally-stable marine aquariums”

    via [Aqua Nerd] Fluval-SEA-Salt-Mix-pro-formula.jpg

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