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    Hagen is making a big push for the M series all in one aquarium with an alternative view of what an all-in-one reef aquarium should look like, and how it is equipped. Fluval has come a long way since the days of their nano Edge aquarium which was a worldwide hit, but the new Fluval M40 desktop aquarium is a completely new animal.

    The Fluval M40 desktop is billed as a premium desktop AIO that includes the 14 gallon tank, recirculation pump, LED light and a bitty protein skimmer. The 14 gallon M40 has the signature frosted rim of the series as well as a water change compartment built into the back of the tank which allows 20% of the water to be removed without draining any of the tank volume.

    The Fluval Sea M40 is equipped with the Nano Marine LED light with 565 lumens coming from just 14 watts of power distributed over an army of multicolored, medium output LEDs. Considering that this light alone costs in the $140 neighborhood, it’s a minor miracle that Hagen can offer the Fluval Sea M40 with all the fixins’ for a mere $299, available starting now at Hagen dealers and your LFS.

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