RSS Fluval G3 canister gets reviewed on camera by Practical Fishkeeping

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    The Fluval G3 is one of Hagen’s latest and greatest flagship canister filters. A canister filter is not the first or the fifth thing we think of when we’re thinking of setting up a marine or reef tank, but canisters still do some things better than anything else. Canisters can run off of reduced water levels and they evaporate less water, lose less heat than wet/drys meaning that canister filtered tanks require less top off water.

    Canisters also hold media pretty well and since the reefing hobby has gotten all media happy with carbon, GFO, biopellets and zeolites, it’s a wonder that more attention hasn’t been paid to the workhorse filtration of the freshwater hobby. Up to a couple years ago, almost all canister filters were based on the same layer cake media design but the Fluval G series is another beast altogether. Follow along with Practical Fishkeeping as they review the innnovative Fluval G3 canister filter and walk you through the new features of this interesting canister filter design.
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