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    With the announcement of the Fluval EDGE LED replacement lamp Hagen’s highly acclaimed nano aquarium light finally joins the two thousand tens. That crummy little halogen lamp that originally comes with the Fluval EDGE aquarium is barely bright enough to light up the little stylish six gallon tank, with the highly inefficient halogen light probably devoting more of it’s energy to heating the aquarium than lighting it up. The new replacement LED lamp for the EDGE aquarium’s stock light has the MR11 base that some halogen lamps use.

    The power consumption has been cut 80% from 10 watts for the halogens to less than two watts for the LEDs, so if you didn’t use a heater before, you’ll definitely need one now. At $39.99 the pair of two watt LED is kinda pricy, a lot pricier than these but at least they come with a polycarbonate lens. Hagen has no intention of making a mixed blue and white LED light like Eheim’s PowerLED, but they should be really close to shipping to dealers if they haven’t already.
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