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    Fluval is set to make a big push in the saltwater aquatics industry. Their new brand Fluval Sea will have several new products. First up is the Fluval Sea Salt that we covered earlier, the salt will come in three different sizes from your local fish store.* Fluval wants you know that the product is manufactured in the United States, is designed for pH level of 8.1 and is phosphate and nitrate free. Fluval’s marketing materials state “Balanced formula with slightly enhanced calcium levels with natural trace element concentrations.” The three sizes make up 10 gallons, 50 gallons, or 165 gallons with no MSRP’s known at this time. Read on for more information.

    Fluval Sea Salt Features:
    • Enhanced Calcium levels
    • Proper key trace element levels, such as Strontium at 8 –12mg/L
    • Proper alkalinity buffering action
    • Ideal pH level, 8.1
    • Dissolves rapidly and leaves no residues
    • High quality raw ingredient sourcing to ensure what is supposed to be there and what is not supposed to be there is not
    • Correct quantities of trace elements in the right proportions found in NSW
    • Does not contain unwanted impurities
    • Phosphate & Nitrate free

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