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8 May 2007
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We are seeing more and more fluorescent photographs emerging from the interwebs but this is the first time we have found a fully interactive Fluorescent coral reef you can explore without getting wet. For this week’s edition of Fluorescent Fridays we introduce you to the Luminescent Lab website.

Luminescent Labs
is a team of explorers using science, technology, and art to understand, share, and protect nature’s living light.

The Science of Biofluorescence : Image Luminescent Labs

The Luminescent Labs website is an informative tool to learn, explore and share the dazzling world of luminescence. The learning section has a creative infographic breakdown of the science behind bioluminescent and biofluorescence, and is divided between corals and marine life explaining the difference between bioluminescent andbiofluorescent life.

What really interested us on the Luminescent Labs website, was the interactive “night dive”. While in the night dive mode and using your mouse or trackpad, you can navigate past the borders of your screen using a red filter to observe the coral reef fluorescent at night.

Fluorescent pink burrowing sea anemone : Image Luminescent Labs

We have never seen anything quite like this, aside from an actual night dive! The webpage is also set up with info icons which reveal more information about the fluorescent creatures like the spotted soap fish, pink burrowing sea anemone and the caribbean Ricordea. The navigation feature is easy to use and it is really neat to see the white light image next to the fluorescent copy.

Even just scrolling through the night dive screen we were impressed by the large format images. The coral reef in the image is from Bloody Bay Wall in the Cayman Islands. Photographer Jim Hellemn’s uses a custom made camera rig with specialized lights and filters to capture each section of the reef which are later stitched together to create the large format image used in the night dive feature. [Luminescent Labs]

Jim Hellemn’s custom underwater camera rig : Image Luminescent Labs

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