Fluidized reactors

7 May 2007
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I need some information on fluidized calcium reactors.

The reactor size, diameter and height.

LPH on the reactor pump?
What size tank is the reactor used for?

Mo G it might be easier to supply your system details and ask the guys to recommend a reactor.
What is a fluidized calcium reactor???
Its basically a recirculating reactor where the water is recirculated with enough force to fluidize the media, much like the fluidized filters.
viper/Alan,I have build 1 but I went to big, I think. 15cm * 15cm * 50cm * 2 with a 2400LPH pump. The reactor is used for a 700L setup with 20% softies, 40% LPS and 40% SPS.It does work but it’s not fluidized another problem I want to build 1 for a 2000 – 3000L setup.I need to change the pump size or build a small unit but to do that I need to understand what is the size reactors used by others with the pump size, etc.
Okay the AM 1000 for a 1000L system uses a 800l needle wheel, but is only a recirculating type, as for dimensions i am not sure off hand although it will be on their web site.
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