Fluidized Bed


12 May 2007
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Port Elizabeth
Hey kyaam i see no one has responded. So.. Here is my humble opinion:
It will work but become a Nitrate factory eventually. (I think) LOL! It is beneficial for LFS that need a powerful filter, but in our hobby we want to do things slow. ;)

Go for a Berlin type system: Rocks, Good skimmer and Deep Sand Bed.
Is your tank drilled? Because the sump should be beneath it. I saw the words bio balls and stuff like that. Rather consider stopping now, empty the tank, keep the water and drill holes where the overflow is that you got in the corner! Then feed a sump with that. :D

Please understand this as comment from someone who has been down this path. The tank will be fine for six months or so, and then your nightmares will start. Look up my threads.
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