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    Fluid Designers is a brand new aquarium company started by some old school veterans of the aquarium industry. Founder Dave Marriott has been around the block at every level of the aquarium business chain, as front man for wholesale, retail, service and management positions, Dave has seen it all and he’s been building up a catalog of cool things to build for practical uses in the aquarium hobby.

    Despite not yet having a website, Fluid Designers’ big coming out party was this weekend at ReefStock 2014 in Denver Colorado, where the new company is based. With a whole slew of new and innovative acrylic products already on the books, Fluid Designers was already grabbing a lot of attention with super neat devices that you’d want to actually use and try out.

    Want a neat way to hang your AquaIllumination Sol, Hydra, or Vega? Fluid Designers has a novel acrylic mounting arm for the venerable LED reef lights. How about a nice black top-off reservoir with lid and water level window or a four-chambered dosing box? Fluid Designers has one of each of those two/too. The space that Fluid Designers is most likely to turn a lot of heads, though, is their SplashDown acrylic sumps.


    The Fluid Designers SplashDown Sump is a new design for these important workhorses of marine aquariums. While nearly all commercially made sumps allow the drain water to drop directly into filter socks, the SplashDown sump directs all of the tank water into a primary chamber which then overflows into your mechanical prefilter of choice, either filter pads or filter socks, for an astonishingly quieting effect.

    The rest of Fluid’s SplashDown sump can be outfitted with a plethora of chambers, bubble traps and other typical sump-hold items. Better yet, if you’re the DIYing type, Fluid also offers a drop-in version of the SplashDown which can easily be dropped into a 30, 40 or 50 gallon breeder tank to be the starting point for the rest of the sump you’d like to build.

    Pricing and exact designs for Fluid Designers acrylic products are*fluid*at the moment, but while they develop and build out their product line we expect the new acrylicsmiths to nail some features down over the next half year leading up to MACNA. Like we said, no website just yet but in the meantime you can keep tabs and contact Fluid Designers via their facebook page.

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