1. jean19


    21 Sep 2009
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    france .
    when calculating the flow , should i take the full volume off the tank or just the amount of water .
    it's for a 120 x 60 x 60 , with 12/15cm of sand + LR , it will be my DT not a sump .
    merci .
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  3. Tobes

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    30 Nov 2007
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    A Beautiful place!
    Flow over a DSB in a sump needs to be about 3 - 5 times the total system water volume.
    In your case when having an "in tank" DSB it does not matter if you don't have a sump as the flow inside the tank needs to be adequite for the type of corals you keep.
    If you have a sump that house the skimmer and the DSB is in the DT, then I would still recommend a 3 - 5 times flow so that the skimmer can remove more waiste.
    I use water volume for my calculations.
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