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    loxahatchee-lions-121_600w.jpg Bag it and Tag it – The author shows off a Florida Lionfish caught while snorkeling in 2010 – photo by Dr. Matthew L. Wittenrich

    In an executive order signed earlier this month, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has effectively declared war on the invasive Lionfish. *For the next 12 months, it is a virtual no-holds-barred, open season on this damaging predator. *Highlights include:

    • No recreational license required to fish for Lionfish with either a pole spear, Hawaiian sling, lionfish-specific spearing devices, or HAND NETS! (note – you can’t go spearing for them in areas where spearfishing is offlimits)
    • You can also harvest Lionfish as part of bycatch of other legal fishing methods.
    • There is NO recreational or commercial limit on the harvest of Lionfish. *Seriously, you can harvest as many as you can.
    P9020162_600w.jpg Dr. Wittenrich and Lionfish researcher Zack Jud, snorkeling for Lionfish in 2010.

    Now, let me tell you, these guys are pretty darn easy to catch with a hand net…even I caught one that had slipped out of the hands of both Dr. Wittenrich and Zack Jud. *Once you realize what they look like when at rest and where to find them, you’ll be spotting them without issues. *A calm, slow approach is probably all you really need.

    For a bit more on Lionfish in Florida, you can visit the*FFWCC website. I’ve heard they make great ceviche (check for other recipes in the Lionfish Cookbook). GAME ON Floridians!

    P9020152_600w.jpg When you catch ‘em, you GOTTA lip ‘em like a Bass! – Image by Dr. Matthew L. Wittenrich

    (thanks to SaltyUnderground, Tal Sweet, and a more involved article at*

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