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8 May 2007
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The Lexi Plug bluetooth timer is a new wireless control device designed and marketed specifically to the aquarium hobby. We know it seems like we’ve been covering a lot of various outlet accessories, but the Flexi Plug has smart and wireless controls to bridge the gap between truly smart and completely connected devices.

Aquarium-product maker Azoo is marketing the Flexi Plug as an advanced aquarium light and pump timer. On its face the Flexi Plug is simply a bluetooth controlled timer, but it does have enough basic programming built in to to make a compelling alternative to a dumb mechanical timer, or a fully connected aquarium computer.

As with aquarium controllers, the Flexi Plug has multiple ‘profiles’ for managing the functions of different pieces of freshwater and marine aquarium equipment. The most obvious use case for the Flex Plug is as a digital light timer, with up to five on/off settings per day for a single outlet.

The Flexi Plug also has profiles for controlling water pumps, wave pumps and various reef aquarium devices, but we suppose these are mostly of the kind that don’t need to be turned on more than a few times per day, such as a daily turn of the zeolite reactor, automatic protein skimmer neck cleaner etc.

Azoo rates the Flexi Plug at 1500w of total power control, and it has a moisture-proof design which makes it safer than the average wireless timer for use in aquariums. The $59 price of the Flexi Plug makes it pretty attractive when you are looking at controlling and automating just one or two outlets, but when you get close to needing three or more devices controlled, this is about the time when it will make more sense and be a better value to invest in a more sophisticated wireless control power strip, or full-on aquarium controller. [ADANA-USA]
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