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    Click here to view the embedded video.

    After we recently reported about a very special Flathead Perch, Rainfordia opercularis, arriving in the US and few weeks ago in Japan, now we would like to inform you that this species is appearing in the trade a little more regularly. We have here the latest video clip film in Thailand taken a few hours right after they first arrived at Crazy Aquarium in Bangkok.

    The one important thing about these two flathead perch is that the fish were caught and sent as a pair; one full grown adult and another one smaller. The bigger one reaches about 5.5-6 inches in length and another one is around 3.5 inches or almost half the size. This may show that the fish might share a similar characteristic of sexual change according to the size like those groupers or wrasse.

    The pair of Rainfordia already had a new owner before their arrival who chose to take them to a new home right away.**So, keep your finger cross and hope that this would not be the last time that the fish will appear in the trade, hopefully more will be on the way.

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