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    One thing we enjoy seeing around are unique modifications to anything related to aquariums. Regardless of if its a DIY skimmer made from a traffic cone to adding a beefier pump to an archaic filter, we love us some mods! The holy grail of mods might just be those everyday objects that get turned into unique*vessels to hold water and our fish friends so we compiled five of our favorite aquarium modifications. First off is the XBOX 360 pico*aquarium*from*Blue World Aquariums. What do we NOT love about this? First off its one of the few reef setups we’ve seen and second, it appeals to the gamer. Finally the aquascape is clean and simple and uses the tall, narrow vessel fabulously.


    Who knew that Mac’s would inspire a vibrant and thriving aquarium mod community. Starting off with the original Macquarium based off the iconic Mac computer of the mid 1980s, the Macquarium craze gave people something to do with out-of-date system they now had lying around. Most of the mods we’ve seen have been with freshwater systems in mind, but we’re sure there are probably a few nano reefs floating around in an old Mac shell.


    We love a classic TV and now that these large pieces of furniture are becoming extinct, having an aquarium built out of an idiot box is just a wonderful idea. First off, the scale and size of these old consoles allow for a larger aquarium as well as the ability to house more support equipment. Take some of the classic wood designs and you have a unique conversation piece for your house. We’re imagining the awesome system we could have created with the*behemoth Curtis Mathis TV, record player and radio combo we had as a kid — now that retro is cool again.


    There *really are numerous Mac mods out there and besides the original Mac mod, our next favorite is the iMac aquarium mod. The cool colors and sleek design of the iMac just screams to be turned into a cool aquarium (besides the fact we’ve logged many hours in front of one of these, so there is a bit of a sentimental factor in this choice). We really liked the way they even utilized a curved glass front to mimic the original aquarium and the fact these can hold around 3.5 gallons of water.


    Our final mod is a fresh one and one that should appeal to all the musicians out there. This acoustic guitar aquarium made one guy super happy this past Christmas and is just a genius modification. The custom “axe” was made by creating an acrylic body from two sheets for the front and back and then the sides were formed using a heat gun to bend the plastic and them embedded into the body of the guitar. There is a water change portal in the back and its wired with a battery-operated LED to illuminate. It just looks cool and definitely will spark a story (or a million shares on social media).

    What unique aquarium mods caught your eye?
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