RSS FistaFiltration’s IDEAL cubes are sharp, handmade nano aquariums from the UK

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    We always appreciate good acrylic-smithing and the FistaFiltration IDEAL nano cubes, one of the newer lines from the UK manufacturer, look impressive in first glance. The all-in-one (AIO) cube is nothing new, but we appreciate FistaFiltration’s take especially coming from a small business.

    Coming in three sizes, the IDEAL nano aquarium cube *comes complete with a protein skimmer, return pump, heater and LED light. You can choose from the IDEAL 12 (a 12 in. cube with a capacity of around 7 US gal.), the IDEAL 15 (15 in. cube with 14 US gal. capacity), and the IDEAL 18 (18 in. cube with a 25 US gal. capacity). You can also chose your choice of color in white, black or blue.

    Pricing should start around*£250 for the aquariums and if you are in the UK and interested in these, visit the FistaFiltration website for more details.
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