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    ebrahim sams aquarium

    22 Aug 2011
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    Bergvliet, Cape Town
    Naso elegans R1200
    Threadfin butterfly R125
    Kleini butterfly R125
    Yellow anthias R179
    Banggai cardinal R245
    Cleaner wrasse R69
    Fox face R245
    Saddled butterfly R289
    Sailfin tang R325
    Harlequin file fish R145
    Copperband butterfly R295
    Green chromis R49
    Royal dottyback R189
    Pyjama cardinal R59
    Bicolour angel R195
    Mandarin fish R285
    Yellow prawn goby R185
    Electric damsel R49
    Sixlined wrasse R129
    Blue ring octopus R295
    Blue starfish from R95
    Pom pom crab R89
    Clowns from R89
    Herbivorous nudibranch R110
    Jumping bean R395
    Volitans Lionfish R245
    Selaris goby R119
    Valentini puffer R125
    Green birdmouth wrasse R289
    Caeruleus surgeon R195
    Niger trigger R195
    African clown wrasse R189

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