Fishing for Marines

1 Jan 2012
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Would it be possible to catch damsels, Wrasses , Surgeons with a line hook and sinker?
surely easier than trying to net them?
I have caught a few Gobies using this method surely u would need a very small hook?
Yes I have caught many wrasse and even a huge banner fish but threw them back as I heard there chances of survival in tank are slim as you hook them in mouth and you reel them too fast in which causes them to bloat because of compression changes
A few samples of
Interesting, might take a hook and line along when I snorkel next time for those fish in impossible spots, can probably even just smash open a snail you find there as bait.
Squash the barb of the hook flat with some long nose pliers so you don't injure the fish. 1000's of fish have been tagged and released this way and survived. You won't loose any fish unless you give them slack line.

Handle the fish with a wet cloth - if possible cover their eyes, helps keeps them calm. Holding them belly up also keeps them calm.
I use a nail file and just flatten the barb easy. You do get fish that jumps of the hook but it is worth it . The wrasses likes a little trolling action of the line and a long cast with a few swivels to give the line a bit of weight .
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