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    Late last year we shared with you “Grunt Breeding 101″, Rising Tide’s compendium of breeding the various Haemulon species. In an excellent example of putting Rising Tide’s R&D to practical use, Fisheye Aquaculture announced today what is believed to be the first commercially available captive-bred French Grunts, H. flavolineatum.

    FrenchGrunt1Stock.jpg Captive Bred juvenile French Grunts from Fisheye Aquaculture

    From their release:​

    The French Grunts is a common sight to divers and snorkelers*in the*Caribbean*Ocean. The French grunt travels in schools among*coral*and rocky reefs. As juveniles, their bodies are light tan with brown stripes running the length of their bodies, their fins are yellow.


    As they mature, their bodies are yellow with horizontal silver stripes running the length of their bodies, and diagonally-oriented stripes below the lateral line of their bodies. All of the fins are yellow. The average size of an adult specimen is 6 to 10*inches. *French grunts feed on shrimp and small fish, but will leave corals*alone.

    We have found that our cultured grunts school just as they do in the wild and is a beautiful sight for an aquarium…large aquariums! *They eagerly accept pellet and frozen feed. *

    The first grunts released for sale are currently a solid 1.5 to 2 inches long and ready to go!

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