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    Fishbit is a new company with an innovative new approach to aquarium control and monitoring. Fisbit’s first offerings have been the success story of crowdfunded aquarium products, with two successful KickStarter campaigns under their belts.

    The first Fishbit Kickstarter delivered a few dozen beta units of the Fishbit monitor and controller to a first round of backers. More recently, Fishbit’s second funding goal was supported by 179 backers who will be receiving their monitors and controllers later this summer.

    Now that we know that Fishbit will be delivering the crowdfunded production versions of their monitor and controller, you might be kicking yourself for not taking advantage of the entry-level pricing. Well we’ve got some good news for you because for a limited time, Fishbit is offering the monitor, controller and bundles at reduced pricing.

    The pre-order cost of the Fishbit System comes in at $425, just a touch over the $395 during the campaign. Meanwhile the Fishbit System Plus which adds water level sensing, current sensing and 8 dimmable channels is $600, a hundred bucks more than the Kickstarter price, but $100 less than the projected retail price of $700 when it fully goes on sale.

    You also have the option of picking up individual monitors and controllers and their ‘Plus’ models at similarly reduced pricing and the best part is, they will all ship in August same as the Kickstarter backed units. We’ve had a very good experience with the first wave of Fishbit’s monitor and controller and are excited about what is to come from this company and their products. [Fishbit]
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