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5 Oct 2016
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226 High Road , Pomona , Kempton Park
Good morning,

We have a following available...
Pom pom crabs (S)
Snowflake eel (M)
Snowflake eel (S)
Lieutenant Tang (XL)
Convict Tang (S)
Scopus Tang (S) (M)
Girdled Eel (S)
Blue barred parrot fish (s-m)
Redtooth Trigger (S)
Balloon puffer (S)
Balloon puffer XXL
Pacific Sailfin (S)
Blue and gold grouper (S)
Purple Lobsters (S)
Blue leg hermits (S)
Swimming seahare (S)
Red Octopus (S)
Tube worms (yellows and pinks)
Swallowtail angel (L)
Bennett butterfly (s-m)
Powder blue tang (S)
File fish (S)
Jewelled blenny (S)
Brown banded goby (m)
Sally light foot crab (m)
Randall's jawfish (S)
Sand tiger snails
Black belly trigger (m)
Harliquin shrimp pair
Coral frags
Green Monti (L)
Dotty back
Unicorn Tang (L)
Bluehead wrasse (m)
Lamarcks angel (S)
Moon wrasse (M)
Tarpon (L)
French angel (m)

We are situated @ 226 High Road Pomona Kempton, inside Birds and Pets for Africa complex....

For prices and more indo please contact us on 078 746 0210.
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