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    Brackenfell, Cape Town

    We've received a large shipment of Fish, Corals & Inverts selling at the usual low prices!

    Royal Dottybacks @ R129.00ea
    Bangai Cardinals @ R275.00ea, Blue Eyed Cardinals @ R129.00ea
    Wrasses-Checkerboard, Blue-sided Fairy, Sixline @ R149.00ea. Yellowspot @ R195.00ea. Scarlet, Carpenter, Lubbock's Fairy @ R159.00ea. Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasses @ R95.00ea
    Scopas Tangs @ R159.00ea
    Foxface @ R259.00ea
    Salarias Goby, Orange Lined Goby, Steinitz's Goby, Banded Goby @ R129.00ea
    Fusi Goby @ R165.00ea, Bicolour Coral Goby @ R115.00ea
    Striped Blenny, Smith's Blenny @ R129.00ea
    Talbot's Damoiselle, Rolland's Damoiselle & Metalic Blue Yellow Bellied Damsels @ R59.00ea. Blue / Green Chromis.
    Dispar Anthias @ R125.00ea, Truncate Fairy Basslets @ R98.00ea
    Green colonial Polyps @ R369.00ea
    Green Striped Mushrooms @ R325.00ea
    Green / mixed colour Open Brain Corals @ R369.00ea
    Green Plate Corals @ R259.00ea
    Yellow / Orange Plate Corals @ R345.00ea
    Red Colonial polyps @ R389.00ea
    Large Polyped Colonial Corals @ R275.00ea
    Porites Corals with Fan Worms @ R245.00ea
    Turbo Snails @ R59.00ea
    Nassarius Snails @ R75.00ea
    Marble Shrimps @ R95.00ea
    Red Sun Corals @ R195.00ea
    Lettuce Corals @ R360.00ea
    Golden / Orange Colonial polyps @ R389.00ea
    Green Star Polyps @ R275.00ea
    Yellow Barley Polyps @ R159.00ea
    Red Hermit Crabs @ R59.00ea
    Sea Hare Algae eating Slugs @ R95.00ea

    Don't miss out on this great selection of livestock @ very competitive prices.

    Hope to see you all soon.


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