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6 May 2007
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Can anyone suggest fish for an 80L nano?

Would appreciate the help as my knowledge of fish go as far as clowns.

O, and if you say Pyjama Cardinal I will shoot you!
Whats wrong with Pyjama Cardinal's?


Hehe... nothing, it's just that they're so...err....uhm....ugly?

I know some people say threy're cute, but I don't like them.
Mekaeel, yeah thinking of Firegoby, but not sure anout the compatibility with the Yellow Clown Goby already in the tank.
The gobys should be fine together. But just put two of the fires in.

What about a jumping bean as well? They always cute.
Dober, what is a jumping bean because if I search for it it comes up with Mexican Jumping bean. I don't know how to do context specific searches in google.
Can anyone post me an alternative name because google is driving me insane with it's Mexican Jumping Bean.
Got it,

Jumping Bean also known as the African Pygmy Angel, African Orange back Angel or the Flameback Angel.
Sorry Gali, took the fiance out to go buy couches, goodbye 20k.....

They can be territorial with other angels, but are normally kind souls with other fish.
Cool, yeah they seem like a nice option. My LFS is getting in a big selection this week, will see if I can spot on.
Bangaii Cardinal, nice placid fish, doesn't swim around too much so space is not really an issue.
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“Jumping Bean also known as the African Pygmy Angel, African Orange back Angel or the Flameback Angel.”

Perfect example, 4 different common names for the same fish, total mind boggling, world ending, chaos and confusion.:002:
Now if everyone just knew it as Centropyge acanthops life would be calm bliss…don’t you think?
jumping bean and six line wrasse they live nicely together...
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