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    We’re not sure what has prompted a slew of aquarium food manufacturers to out their respective feedings strategies and guides all at once, but to quote Bulk Reef Supply on fish food manufacturer’s marketing: “most reefers tend to ignore it, and just pick one”. Never the less we now have some more substantial information about what these companies are thinking with their foods.* In addition to the New Era Aquaculture feeding chart above, there’s is a wordy description of how NEA thinks you should feed your fish on Canreef Aquatics. Keep reading to see why Bulk Reef Supply says they heart Elos fish food and the English translation of Fanua Marin’s feeding manual.

    According to their video, Bulk Reef Supply has been using Elos food for a period of time long enough to determine that it was worthy of video review. We like the no nonsense monologue about their experiences with Elos food and Polyphosphates. Finally, we’ve got word that a new feeding guide is soon to be made available from Fauna Marin; we’ll let you know when the FM feeding guide gets uploaded, or upload it ourselves if we get it first.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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