Fish compatiability at the LFS

7 May 2007
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Hi Guys,

I have noticed at LFS in ct that there are often several mandarins in one tank, I have spotted 3 psychedlics and 2 dragons all in the same tank. If I recall, in a home tank these fish woud not play well together. The same applies to other species I have scene that should not usually share the same space or you can only keep one of 'em together.
How does it work at the LFS? they don't seem to be botherin each other, so why does that change wen you take them home?

The Snoek.
I reckon its a territorial thing Snoekie. They are all dumped in and have to find new territories, and then when one is sold and removed from the tank, all the territories change because there is one less fish.
when putting teretorial fish espescially of the same species eg.tangs/surgeons its better to add all at once and they will find their own terrortories,otherwise if introduced one at a time,wars tend to break out
I agree with the territory thing, but then i've also seen 2 maroon clowns nail each other as they get in the LFS tank. This was at a LFS in Pretoria.
Are maroon clowns aggressive because of territorial reasons?
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