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    This is the story.
    I have 4 decorated firefish, I've allways been a bit cowboy about them cause i was told they jump and i must close my tank but i never did and they havnt jumped yet.....tik-tok......
    Last wednesday i noticed one of them hovering close to the water surface in the corner that forms between the back pane and overflow box, and it stayed there.
    Thursday he did the same and i also realized one of the 4 were missing - so i started looking on the floor and behind the stand for a corps - nothing, then my little corner-hovering friend made me think maybe the missing one went into the overflow box.
    I grabbed a flashlight and yes, there it was swimming at the bottom next to the durso, now what, overflow box is 100x200 and 600 deep.
    I pulled the durso out from the tank connector and the missing fire was flushed to the sump where i spend a good 20min to catch it between all the equipment.
    After this the one who hovered in the corner stopped doing this and everyone is happy and eating.

    Now I'm thinking, did that one fire knew his mate went over ? are they family or best buds or something ?
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    One of my blue green Chromis went missing. Found him a week later in the sump. Must have spend a day or 2 swimming himself silly upstream in the overflow pipe....

    Then he passed the ballvalve, passed the skimmer intake, over to DSB. At least there he had some pods to eat.

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