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    With Ecoxotic releasing their new Panorama Pro Fixture to hobbyists, it got me thinking – this seems like as good of time as any to set up a frag tank. Due to the high cost of electricity here in California, I was looking for an energy efficient way to get this frag-tank project moving forward. Being a life long metal halide reefer, it has been tough getting me to embrace any other form of lighting but if I’m gonna be convinced about LED, I need to play with one over corals long term.

    While many of the other LED makers are going after the hardcore SPS keepers by pitching us big light in a small package with huge PAR numbers coming directly below the fixture, the Ecoxotic seems content with going after the everyday hobbyist that is looking for moderate light, which is spread out evenly all throughout the area. Follow the break to see some first impressions of the Panorama Pro fixture from Ecoxotic.

    What primarily attracted me to the Panorama Pro fixture was its modular design. I like the idea that you can add optional Panorama Pro LED Modules and Stunner Strips to the fixture to get the desired look that you are after. My first chance to see the Panorama Pro came at Reef-A-Palooza 2012. I was immediately attracted to the features which are different than many of the other fixtures on the market today.

    panorama-pro-fixture-4.jpg Open the secondary boxes and the fixture makes it’s first appearance.

    panorama-pro-fixture-5.jpg What’s inside: 2 – 60 watt power supplies, 2 – rotary dimmers, instructions and an ecocham to wipe it down and keep it looking new!

    panorama-pro-fixture-7.jpg Nice cooling slats cut into the top so the Panorama Modules will be kept cool.


    The various mounting options of the Panorama Pro LED fixture is the real magic of the fixture. When using the optional tank mounting bracket the fixture sits approximately 2 – 3” off the water’s surface. Due to the fixture’s size the spread is not an issue. While other fixtures have users raising them upwards of 12” off the surface to get sufficient spread, the Panorama can get right down on the water to et nice PAR down to the corals. *For those with a PAR meter, we all know how much of an advantage it is to the Ecoxotic Panorama Pro!
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