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    Finding Dory is the highly anticipated sequel to the incredibly popular Finding Nemo movie. After years of waiting to find out what this new movie would be about, we finally have a our first Finding Dory trailer.

    The Finding Dory trailer alludes to Dory’s tendency for ‘sleep swimming’ and perhaps this is how she gets lost in the plot of the forthcoming film. Some other clues hint that perhaps Dory has a family of her own, and she might strike out on her own to find them. Whatever the plot, we don’t really need too much convincing to watch a beautifully created and artfully rendered coral reef world like the one which we all saw in the original Finding Nemo movie.

    [​IMG]Finding Nemo came at a pivotal time in the marine aquarium hobby

    The release of Finding Nemo came at a pivotal time in the marine aquarium hobby; it was right when we collectively began to better understand how to keep a marine aquarium, and breed clownfish in captivity, in just enough numbers to to keep up with the global demand for ‘Nemo Fish’. There is no doubt that the new Finding Dory movie will have a similarly huge impact on the global demand for ‘Dory Fish’, better known to us as regal blue tangs.

    With all in one aquariums and and so much more information available today, it is even easier and more affordable to keep a reef tank than ever before. Unfortunately, we have barely scratched the surface on how to breed surgeonfish in captivity, with the Oceanic Institute only achieving success after more than ten years of effort – so no captive bred Dory Fish yet.

    All politics and aquarium ethics aside, we are greatly looking forward to seeing the new Finding Dory movie in theaters when it comes out in June of 2016.

    EXCLUSIVE: Trailer - YouTube
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