First shipment of 2016 received

28 Nov 2011
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Brackenfell, Cape Town
Hi everyone

We've received the following healthy livestock that is selling at the best prices possible.

Heraldi Angels @ R289.00ea
Coral Beauty Angels @ R289.00ea
Sailfin Tangs @ R325.00ea
Lipstick Tangs @ R325.00ea
Powder Brown Tangs @ R425.00ea
Green Mandarin Fish @ R325.00ea
Carpenter Wrasses @ R215.00ea
Spotted Hawk Fish @ R155.00ea
Green Chromis @ R75.00ea
Fire Fish / Gobies @ R279.00ea
Bicolour Gobies @ R229.00ea
False Dottyback @ R265.00ea
Strawberry Dottyback @ R265.00ea
Cleaner Wrasses @ R139.00ea
Orange Tailed Butterfly Fish @ R169.00ea
Spot Band Butterfly Fish @ R169.00ea
Hoeven's Wrasses @ R235.00ea
Salarias Gobies @ R139.00ea
Maroon Clownfish @ R129.00ea
Dwarf Lionfish @ R149.00ea
Clearfin Lionfish @ R395.00ea
Red Starfish @ R125.00ea

We still have a limited amount of our stunning Fiji Liverock left at the pre-Christmas Rand dip prices (R265/kg) and, are running a special on 25kg of Aquamedic Reef Salt in store.

Pay us a visit-you won't be disappointed!!!!


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