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    Warner Marine’s Skimz-built cone protein skimmers are almost ready for release and in these final production shots you can see how Warner has made these skimmers their own. The Warner Marine MFseries cone protein skimmers are based off the Skimz Monzter design, from the base plate with integrated outflow to the bayonnet fitting neck for easily removing and cleaning the cup.

    What is notably different about the Warner Marine cone skimmers is the blue-trimmed parts where the Skimz Monzter is all white, as well as a finger well in the top for getting a nice one-handed grip of the cup and lid. Perhaps the biggest functional addition to the Warner Marine cone skimmer is the vertical bubble technology (VBT) bubble plate which allows water to exit through the center of the bubble plate for decreasing turbulence.

    There’s recently been a redesign to the needle wheel used in Skimz protein skimmers and those changes will trickle down to the Warner Marine skimmers as well. The MF Series protein skimmers from Warner Marine should be available in September where they will enjoy national distribution to almost all aquarium stores in the US via Sunlight Supply. Pricing and final tank and air draw ratings are coming soon.






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