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8 May 2007
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The Gyre 200 Series Advance Controller is an exciting new accessory coming soon from MaxSpect to get the most out of their award-winning Gyre pump. The Maxspect gyre pumps already ship with a pretty capable controller, although its interface and controls definitely left room for improvement.

This is where the new Advance Controller steps in, enabling a whole suite of new features, not least of which is the ability to control two Gyre pumps for maximum flexibility in the desired flow patterns, flow rate and more. The Advance Controller has a built-in OLED dot-matrix display, is compatible with battery back-up products, and it will communicate wirelessly with MaxSpect’s forthcoming Integrated Controller V6 for managing both pumps and LED lights.

The 200 Series Advance Controller will include a 24 hour timer, so on its own, users will be able to program a lot of different flow patterns. These include sync/anti-sync with the two pumps, one pump running constant speed while the other runs pulsing mode, and it will include a few preset like Lunar Tidal Cycle Mode, Oceanic Gyre Mode.

The MaxSpect Gyre 200 Series Advance Controller goes well beyond IceCap’s 3rd-party Gyre controller and with InterZoo 2016 just around the corner, we’re sure to learn more about his and many other forthcoming new products from MaxSpect so stay tuned.

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