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8 May 2007
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The Rossmont Waver is an interesting new aquarium pump controller which is the first to be able to adjust the flow speed of AC pumps and powerheads. Until now, if you wanted to have controllable water pumps, your only real option was to use DC pumps with their included controller, or in combination with another smart device.

Rossmont’s new Waver is designed to be the “heart” of a reef aquarium with powerful software that will be able to manage several different connected devices. What makes the Waver so different is that it is a driver, interface and remote switcher all in one, with built-in wifi connectivity that is controllable through a web browser with any smartphone, PC or tablet.

There will be a specific Master unit of the Waver which can wirelessly control an unlimited number of slave units, for a greatly expandable network of controlled pumps. Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) will make it easy to control everything that connects to the Rossmont Waver, with future expandability for return pumps and protein skimmers also from Rossmont.

This teaser image from Rossmont is the first to show the Waver in full glory, with just a single button prominently featured in the center, and dual channels for plugging in Rossmont Mover pumps. Thankfully, Rossmont assures us that the Waver is very close to a real, official release date so we should be able to learn a lot more about the features and functionality of their new connected device very soon.


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