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    If the Hydro Wizard Medium is a pump for the 1% of reefers then maybe the Hydro Wizard Small might be one for 10% of us. A prototype of the Hydro Wizard Small does not yet exist in real life but that hasn’t stopped us from siphoning some information about Panta Rhei’s next water mover which is likely to find a home in more reef tanks than even fish tanks that could use some serious flow.*

    The Hydro Wizard Small propeller water pump from Panta Rhei is being engineered to push 3500 gallons per hour while only consuming only 20 watts. The kind of efficiency that the Hydro Wizard Small is aiming for is impressive but even more so when you consider that they are trying to pack it into a tiny package of 6 cm (2.5 inches) in diameter and 7 cm (2.75 inches) long!

    Of course the true value*of the Hydro Wizard Small will boil down to how much it costs but at least there is some discussion of making a dumb version which will only throttle speed, great for the coral farmers and hopefully cheaper too. If all goes according to schedule (it never does) we may see the Hydro Wizard Small hitting the aquarium scene at the end of the summer.
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